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You can open specific photocycle eighter through the relevant picture or in "Photographs" MENU

Modlitba stromu (2013)
Podzimní levitace (2013)
Duch řeky (2013)
Velká mechová šikana (2008)
Impresionistický most (2017)
Zármutek pážete (2018)
Náhrdelník (2014)
Predátor (2014)
Neboj, synáčku, já tě nedám (2017)
Tajuplný ostrov (2016)
A Magic Garden

Photocycle from my parent´s garden in Staňkov near Domažlice

Faces of the Berounka River

Pictures of various forms of the Berounka river and its affluents

Infrared Rivers

Photos of rivers and creeks taken in infrared part of spectrum

Hidden Light

Pictures making water streams in creeks and rivers visible

Autumn Colours

Photos of nature in autumn coloures.

Fanciful Stories of the Tree Barks World

Pictures of interesting details on tree bark.

Drops over the River

Photocycle of shapes created on spider´s webs in the Berounka valley

Japan - In the Chekojin Skin

Photocycle from two Japan trips in 2011 and 2014

Prague Trinkets

The cycle of Prague photos. It consists of two specific series: Prague Trinkets and Prague through "a slow eye".

Lefkada Pictures

The cycle of pictures from greek island Lefkada taken during my 11 trips between 2003 and 2018

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