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What you can buy from me:

I sell my photographs in the form of signed and numbered author´s prints/blow ups. I personally guarrantee the origin of the photopraphy through the "author´s sticker".

Sales conditions:

Only a predefined limited number (most often 10) of signed and numbered author's prints can be prepared from each of my photographs, with 2 or 3 prints for my personal use not counting. The size of sold blow ups and mentioned author's sticker with my personal signature and number of print guarantee that the photo is made from a digital or film original and it wasn´t any shady copy downloaded from the internet. The original digital file or film negative is exclusively in my ownership, I  don´t cede the rights to any other subjects. The exact terms for the sold photo are always described in the written contract with the client.                                                                                                           

Price of photos:

The basic format of the sold photo is 70x50 cm (or 70 cm as the longer side). Depending on circumstances of the photo creation, exhibition history of the photograph and specific number of author's print, the basic price ranges from CZK 2,500 to CZK 6,000 (without a frame), in cases of highly requested photos the price may be even higher. For larger photo formats, the resulting price is derived from the price of the basic format and is determined individually.

Prices of author´s prints currently exhibited in Horni Pocernice Theatre (till 7th August):

(please, download the complete pdf file):

Prices of author´s prints currently exhibited in CSOB Plzen (till 7th August):

(please, download the complete pdf file):

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