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21st September 2023:

My photo Return from a trip to the Black and White World received the Honorable Mention in one of the world's most respected photo competition International Photography Awards (IPA) 2023. You can find more information about my award-winning photos in the Awards section.

18th September 2023:

I wrote a special article on my blog pages about the extraordinary Prague exhibition of the photographer Alžběta Jungrová - "I Believe" (the blog articles are in Czech).

8th September 2023:

I have started a new page on this website called What's New? :-) On this page I will mention the main news about the content of my photoweb, about various events with a link to me as a photographer or a lover of photos, and about my future photo plans.

7th September 2023:

I removed the French version of the website, which had minimal traffic and was quite time-consuming for me to maintain. Please let me know if you would miss it.

1st September 2023:

My photograph From Josef Sudek's Window has received an honorable mention in the Minimalist Photography Awards 2023 and is now included in the list of my successful photographs in the Awards section.

22nd August 2023:

My photoseries River Variations won a bronze award in the international competition Prix de la photographie Paris (Px3) 2023. Three other individual photographs received honorable mentions in the contest. All related information can be found in the Awards section.

5th July 2023:

I have agreed to hold my next solo exhibition in the beautiful baroque complex of the Chotěšov Monastery in the Pilsen region. The exhibition should open in mid-July 2024 and last until the end of September. I will gradually update this very basic information.

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